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romiva s. r. o.

Gorkého 1342/21

974 04 Banská Bystrica

IČO: 51698609

DIČ: 2120753921



tel: 0907 806 323 / 0903 284 642

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Nice to meet you, we are digital agency, which has managed many succesfull projects and has even more happy clients. We would be glad to take care of you in following areas: creation of web pages, e-shops, online marketing, branding, graphical design and copywriting. If you need to cover any of these areas comfortably take your seat and let us work ;-)

Characteristic for us are our four principles and one PS

We are ingeniously simple

As everything ingenious, also we are simple. We work for strong fishes, which don‘t want to go with the flow, but they want to go against him. We will make for you sinfully, breathtaking web page... we will sell you in a luxury way !

We are intuitive

We make web pages, where guests orient themselves quickly and simply. Our work is characterized by clarity, cleanness and utility in every type of offered services.

We are IN

We follow current trends in the area of design, technologies and user logic, which we always use for more stylish web pages with higher quality and more intuitive user interface. For successful projects is important to know where from the wind is blowing and to be one step further than your opponent.

We make everything to measure

You don‘t need to have measures 90-60-90, we make everything to measure... By making a web page we take in mind individuality of each client. Design and functionality we can adjust also on yours, maybe not "ready-made" demands. Take a look at the portfolio, which is evidence number one.

And PS:

These days rather than clothes, a web page makes a look of human, company or product. It is a fact, we know it and we truly enjoy it. Because we make representative web pages passionately and with love.


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